Monday, December 5, 2011

The past few weeks have been crazy. The holidays seem to suck up my time and yet I don't get anything done. I write list after list. Forget my list, write a new list, lose the list, and so it goes... I have everything I need to finish my quilt except the knowledge on HOW to do it. That is on my list for tomorrow. I've been decorating for the Christmas season, a little here and there. I'm really not that into decorating. My Hubby thinks I'm a grinch, I just don't like doing it, I don't seem to have the creative urge to dress up the house. I have alot of empty spaces on my walls. I like it uncluttered. Mostly I don't like to clean and the more stuff hanging around means more dusting. Maybe my laziness makes me a minimalist? Now I do like to get crafty, that's making a mess, I like to make a mess, don't like to clean it up! My house right now is quite sparklely, perhaps that's not a word but really there are mica flakes everywhere. While I am not creative on my own I can be inspired by what I do see and copy it. I'm the horrible person at craft shows that thinks, I'm not paying $15 for that when I can make it myself! Probably why I'm such a bad salesperson because I hate selling something to people when I know they can make it or do it themselves. Hubby says I need to adjust my thinking process!
copied ideas!
Our tree is up and decorated. I use ornaments from when I was a child, ornaments Hubby and I picked out or the kids bought and homemade ones and the crafts the kids make at school. I have a second tree in my sitting room that isn't decorated yet. Well, it has beads and pearls wrapped around it, but no ornaments. Of course I don't have a picture of it because I forgot to take one! This year we are trying to simplify our Christmas. Help the children, and remind ourselves, what the true meaning of Christmas is, besides a materialistic mad dash to malls and stores to gather "stuff". This year we are focusing on family.