Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And A Single

Our Beor cross goat Saturn had her kid this morning. I sat out there on goat watch, because I missed Molly's birth. There wasn't any sign of Saturn having her kid other than she was making small quiet bleating sounds. Last night all she did was yell, so I put her first daughter in with her to help calm her. But this morning all looked normal so when the neighbor wanted to talk to me about pulling bushes out of the drain ditch I didn't think anything of it. Why I was just outside the barn, I would HEAR if anything was going on. But No, when I walked back into the barn. I checked Molly's kids and heard a baby bleating, looked in Saturn's pen and there was a kid!

How I missed it I just don't know. But she is a solid red color with the pinned up ears. Too cute. I'm trying to decide if I want to bottle feed all the babies and go ahead and milk Saturn or not...need to discuss with Hubby. It would solve a housing issue if I did.
On Friday we are getting another Milk goat. A Beor/Alpine heavy milker already bred. I guess I really have to get my butt in gear collecting all I need for soap, cheese, yogurt, and lotions. I'm going to have alot of milk!

I did my first craft show on Saturday. I sold $62 worth of my soap and salve and of course eggs. My eggs sold the fastest! And I almost had a bidding war over the last two dozen! I had all my children with me and my seven year old was "challenging" I don't know how other women take their children to craft fairs and make any money.
One good thing that happened was that I met a business couple who wanted to know if they could buy my soap and salve to sell in their shop. I am hoping that we will have a little extra cash left out of our tax money that I can buy supplies to make more soap and get containers for lotion. My Hubby was very excited that I sold stuff. I was discouraged. I felt I wasted a whole day sitting there. He said you SOLD your goods, you were seen and you made contacts. I am proud of you. It really touched my heart that he was proud of me. He is excited that I can start selling my own products and is willing to help me by building molds and preparing an herb garden. So we will see where this leads.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Born FINALLY this morning around 4am. The little black one is a buckling and the two white/brown/black ones are darling little does! So precious! The smallest little doe seems to be ignored so I am becoming the goat mama right away. I had colostrum frozen from last year and thawed it and bottle fed her. I love bottle feeding babies. Now she has a full belly and is bouncing around with her brother and sister.