Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farmgirl membership arrives

My MaryJane Farmgirl Sisterhood badge has arrived. I'm excited. I just need to "make it my own" with a few additions of lace, buttons and thread. I think I am going to make this into a pin that I can attach to whatever I want to put it on. That way I don't have to worry about only being able to have it on one thing.

I've been pouring over my new magazine and giving the projects in the Ideabook another look.
The first badge I want to work on is the Sew Wonderful.
For a beginnerlevel-
I have to make a sewing kit w/pinkeep. I have made two for myself already so I'll make another to give as a gift.
Intermediate level-
Sew a straight seam by hand and machine
Learn several different seams including the French and Flat
Expert level-
Make a casserole carrier( Bakeover takeover) to give to a hostess with a meal in it
Make hotpads and embroider them using a design from the idea book

I think I will work on my Sisterhood pin tonight after the garden work is done and then tomorrow I will work on the sewing kit. I feel myself getting excited. Now I need to organize my sewing/craft room so I can actually function in it!
Until tomorrow...

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