Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby goats--- busy little kids

The kids are so much fun. I think it's just as much fun bottle feeding these kids as it is milking the goat.
I milked Molly last night and we had to make a few adjustments to our set up. Like move the milkstand out of site of the other goat. Nyra, the brown goat kept bothering Molly and then Molly wanted to get into the hay that Nyra had... It's just like dealing with children!
Last night with all the distractions we got 2c. of milk. I was excited, Hubby was disappointed. I just figured we are new at this and it will just get better. And it did!
As we are milking Molly for our own use we had to get the kids to take a bottle. No easy feat! It was kinda like wrestling a cat. They squirmed and slipped out of grip, fussed and bawled. But by the 2am feeding they had gotten it. Or so hungry they didn't care. The 6am feeding went much better and I believe the noon feeding will be better yet. The kids are super friendly and running and prancing and leaping around.

I think I'm in love with goats almost as much as I adore my chickens!

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