Thursday, May 19, 2011

All is good here on the "farm" The kids are growing even faster than my children, but I think My children eat more than the kids!

Bunnies have two weeks before I seperate them and start selling them off.

We just got our new broilers last week. They are already feathering out and eating like crazy. This bunch we are going to butcher our selves. Boy I'm REALLY excited for that. I wish I had a sarcasm font.

Hubby started working some crazy hours it will be an adjustment. But we were aware that it would happen so prepared for it. The Children are helping out better than I thought. I'm trying to teach them that this is what families should do. Work together...

We have been having alot of rain. The garden was turned over but I haven't been able to plant anything yet. I'm sad because I am soooo ready for garden season.

I don't have much to post on because we have just been so busy with baseball, critter care and end of the school stuff. Hopefully things will slow down some and I can take you around our little farm again.


  1. I swear I'm going to start a wives of gas workers support group page on face book. Jim's leaving tomorrow at 5:30 and won't be back til next wed. Can't complain too much...only the second time since he's started that he's had to go away for work. Not that when he's home every day I get to see him for more then 5 minutes before he has to go to bed and do it all over again...but I do enjoy those 5 minutes.
    I knew some companies worked longer stretches of days. I hope he's getting enough too :)

  2. I wished you lived closer to me, we are so much alike and have s much in common. I'll have to try and seek out that video book you talked about. If I find another Mrs Dunwoody's Hiomekeeping book, I want to get it for you for one simple reason, I like you and what you stand for and enjoy your blog and you will enjoy the book. Did you ever check on Amazon's website for used books, I find almost every book I ever want right there and some I pay a dollor or even a penny for them but shipping is 3.99 per book if there not new and qualify for super saver shipping. I have found is still cheaper to pay the cheaper price for a used one and pay shipping than do SSS with them. I got a good Amish Folk Medicene book for 1.99. Biy is it a good one for simple cures and herbs. Almost to much to take in and I'll just have to leave it on the kitchen counter and use it for reference when somehting goes awry. I am still looking for a cozy spot in the kitchen for my books that arent cook books. I wish I could find one of those old wire freezer baskets like I have seen around blogland.

    Enough rattleing on form me, I hope your garden does good. ours is simply too wet and I may have to replant some things, its still early si its ok. Strawberries are rotting here this year, too much cold and rain. bummer too because I really needed them to make smoothies with all this goat mlik we have.
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend, I'm off here ti go to a few yard sales and then home to grrom the horse for tomorrows show.