Friday, June 3, 2011

New business Venture

I took a step,um more of a leap. I signed on to become a Lilla Rose consultant. Lilla Rose offers hair accessories as well as eye glass chains and jewelry. As soon as I get my new flexi's I will have my daughter take pics. I have alot of hair. Long, thick, curly hair.I usually wear it in a messy bun because I like it out of my face and cooking. Hubby wishes I wore it down more because he LOVES my hair. BUT all my barettes would break or I'd get a headache because they were so heavy duty they were HEAVY.
I am also trying to be more feminine the flexi's are light weight and heavy duty made with piano wire. There are so many pretty designs some more modern then others some extra beaded. I like pretty but practical. You should have seen me picking out glasses today! Pretty but practical...
So if you are interested here is my website.

I thought this would be fun. I could try out new hairstyles and maybe make a little extra cash on the side.

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