Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Born FINALLY this morning around 4am. The little black one is a buckling and the two white/brown/black ones are darling little does! So precious! The smallest little doe seems to be ignored so I am becoming the goat mama right away. I had colostrum frozen from last year and thawed it and bottle fed her. I love bottle feeding babies. Now she has a full belly and is bouncing around with her brother and sister.


  1. Being a goat mama is fun isn't it? Mine are both bucks, but they are so so sweet!!! It is fun to watch them play! The pictures are great, it is hard to get pictures of baby goats as they are never still. Enjoy!!!

  2. Hooray! They are adorable. :-)

    Perle gave me two boys and a girl on Saturday. One of the boys was in the birth canal upside down and backwards while the other two came out beside him! I'm so thankful I was home because I had to pull him. I'm amazed that he lived! Perle is doing great, now.