Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Up the Creek Homestead

I can't believe how busy I have been. Canning, freezing, raising animals, raising kiddos...it never stops.

We finally named our homestead.

Up the Creek Homestead

There is a creek that runs behind the house so it could be related to that, but in reality...it comes from "up the creek without a paddle".

Hubby and I had been tossing names around...wanting to come up with something that was meaningful but described us. Leap of Faith Farm was our first choice because it is exactly what we did, took a leap of faith. But there are way to many farms and homesteads named that. Then we checked out "whim and a prayer" again taken, as was Creekside, Crickside, and Crooked Corner.

Then, August 12th I woke Hubby up. I had been canning and freezing corn all day and had planned on canning the bushel of peaches that night. But when the corn was done I didn't feel well and thought I just over did it. I had the most horrible pain in my side. I actually thought it was "gas", kept getting in the tub thinking I could get it to pass. When I started vomiting I thought I had a blockage. I was sick and scared. Hubby took me to the ER at 2am, leaving our four kiddos at home, alone. (They are old enough, but we just don't do that!)The nurses kinda rolled their eyes and didn't give me much sympathy. I was in so much pain, I felt like something was going to bust inside...worse than labor, at least that pain came in waves. This was a constant pain that just kept getting worse. The hospital staff took blood and sent me for a CAT scan, an hour and a half later, the doc said I had acute appendicitis and it had to come out. I have to say the nurses snapped into action and gave me something for the pain( guess they figured I wasn't faking for a fix). I didn't care that I had to have surgery...I said, "I can't do this I have a bushel of peaches sitting in my kitchen that isn't going to hold for a few days!" Hubby didn't really care about my peaches or the bushel of beets on the back porch. He was worried about his wife, in the past three years he has lost both his grandparents and his aunt who had raised him. He called my mom at 4am and waited until 630 to call our pastor...I wasn't aware of this, my mama told me later. For my hubby to call the pastor...that was a big step for him.

Obviously the surgery went well, I'm alive and healed now. After the surgery, and after the meds wore off I started to panic about the medical bills and I said...we are really up the creek! My hubby said not to worry. He felt that everything was in God's plan and we didn't need a paddle... We both, at that time, looked at each other and said Up the Creek... Scary how we think on the same lines.
So that is how we are now Up the Creek Homestead...no paddles just God's Guidance.
As for my peaches, I only lost half of them. My mama and I did what was left when I got home from the hospital and two girlfriends came over the following day and canned the bushel of beets I had on the porch. I was so thankful for their help. My girlfriend came and took my daughter for two weeks so that I had one less child to care for and could rest a bit easier. Amazing how God put people in place to meet all our needs. I am just overwhelmed sometimes!
And that is my Homestead naming Story!


  1. Like that name!! I was wondering about you this morning and figured that you must be super busy. So sorry that you have had to go through that ordeal, glad that you are okay and doing better!

    You do have quite a story for naming your homestead!

  2. I have tears in my eyes! I'm so glad you are okay! What a way to have to come up with the name for your homestead. :-) It sounds like you have an amazingly supportive community around you. What a blessing that they came and helped with your canning. I am in awe!