Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farmgirl project pics

Here are some pics of my projects here on the "ranch" (Hubby calls it the chicken ranch)I love doing the farm stuff. I don't have pics of the canning but hopefully I will remember tomorrow because I will be canning peppers and pickles!
And I cannot get the pics off the other memory card so I can't post the aprons. BUT... I will be making a few more. Once again, hopefully this week.

This is my crocheted wash cloth I made with a fan pattern my mama showed me. I need to go get cotton yarn so I can make real dish cloths. I think this yarn is synthetic and isn't good for washing with. It's just what I had on hand to use at the time.

This is my spaghetti squash. I have about 25 rugby ball size squash. I love this squash. I serve it like I would make spaghetti with a thick sausage sauce.

This is my flock... I have about 27 golden reds. I just sold 15 to a guy who lets his chickens free range. Of course He buys chicken from me a couple times because the predators in his area are eating well. I still have my barred rocks. They are just starting to lay. I have about forty five of them. We also raise Turkeys for Thanksgiving. Last year we did eight. I STILL have two in the freezer and we have 16 now.

These are our first litter. There were five but we sold one. They are just about eight weeks and will soon go to the freezer. I know they are cute. But they are not pets, they are raised for food for my family. We like to eat meat.

These are our new bunnies. They are about two weeks old. They are a cross of a New Nealand buck and California Doe.

I hope you liked the pics. I will try and get more in and maybe show some step by step projects!?

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  1. Call the wash cloth a baby doll blankie and it will make some young pretend mama happy. =)