Wednesday, August 4, 2010

putting up... Farmgirl style

AHHHHHHHG!!! Really I'm not a moron but I do do moronic things. I just sliced up 7 pints of hungarian pepers without using gloves. Oh they're not THAT hot, I don't need gloves. How STUPID, I'll say it again STUPID! My hands feel like the skin is peeling off and get this... I wiped my face with my hands because the steam from the canner made me sweat! MY EYES MY EYES. Holy cow! Hungarian peppers are hot really really hot when the juice is on your skin. OUCH!!!!!!
Here's the really stupid thing. This is not the first time I have canned this pepper. Really, did I just forget that I did this same thing last year?! NOw I am going to whine until Hubby comes home and then I can't say a word or he will make fun of me FOREVER!!!!!
I'm going to go cry...

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