Friday, December 3, 2010

Turkeys are gone and Christmas is on the way

I guess for me Thanksgiving is our doorway to the Christmas season. We butchered our Turkeys and sold all but two for Thanksgiving. This years largest turkey was 38.5lbs. Our smallest was 20lbs. The two not sold were deboned and Beth and I ground most of it into burger and then I canned 7quarts. I've never canned poultry before but I wanted to have some in jars to save on a little freezer space.
If anyone watches Glenn Beck he is encouraging everyone to stock up on food. I believe it is the right thing to do anyway, but I am trying harder and making a more conscience choice to do it. I have been picking up extra bags of flour, now that it is on sale for the holidays, and putting them in the freezer to keep it from going rancid. I have also been going to the local Amish store and buying more bulk items. I can get 7lbs. of oats for a lower price then you pay for the canister of Quaker oats at the regular grocery store.
Today I am taking the rest of a Turkey carcass and making a giant batch of soup. If all goes well, I can can it and have a supply for another time. Tonight I will have potpie noodles in it but I will only put it in the portion I will serve. The rest will be noodle free so that if I want to add rice another time or corn or whatever just to change it up. So basically I am going to make a base soup that can be turned into what ever at a later time.
So I had better get busy with that now so My intentions turn into actions!

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