Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

I love my kitchen table! I bought it a few years ago from a good friend the Chicken Lady and it has been the center of meals and conversations,games, good times and bad.
Right now I'm waiting for the kiddos to come home from school. I worked hard today to clean up and get ready for gardening time. I took pictures because my "clean house" doesn't last very long as soon as they get home and their friends come over!

This is my cooking area and when I am cooking I tend to tell everyone to stay out of my space. I have a system and move to my own music in this spot! I get creative and busy.

This is part of my cookbook collection. I love old cookbooks when you had to actually make all of the dish! I have some from the 50's and I love them. I love reading the instructions. Sometimes it reads like a cooking for dummies book. many of the older cook books focus not only on the recipes but on how to greet your husband and how to parent. Although, lately, I think we should move more towards that!
I love being a homemaker and the cookbooks on todays shelves just tell you how to take as many shortcuts as possible for your busy working day.
I have a cook book from 1912 sponsered by a bank. It is so funny because it advertises Ladies accounts. It talks about how checks are much better because then the woman doesn't have to bother with figuring out change...Can I be a homemaker without being thought of as a MORON?
Here is one more pic... My soap! Maybe I could use it to hand wash the clothing? No I don't think I want to go that far into the past!


  1. Stupid Woman is going to be one of my future posts relatively soon. Thank god we've come along way since then. I was just thinking about an episode of Little House on the Prairie where this woman comes to town wanting to get every one to sign a petition for womenfolk's rights. Funny.

  2. You won the wire baskets at Homestead Revival™! Check it out...


    I need your address as soon as you can get it to me. Thanks and Congratulations!

  3. Your soap looks fantastic. You have been a busy lady. I too love cook book. I read a homemaking book I bet you would like called Mrs Dunwoody's instructions for Homekeeping. You could prolly find it in A,azons used books for a couple of dolars now. It is excellent old fashioned advice like you are talking about. It takes you way back. I love to read it every couple of years and this year it made it to my summer porch reading stash.
    You ask if I milk 2 times per day. yes I do, My post sounded as if I don't. I milk at 8 and 8. I am getting almost 3/4 gallon consistently form one goat. I am proud of her, I lucked out as far as buying one out of the newspaper and getting a good one. She is a doll. I have ordered my soap scents and ordered a beautiful mold from ebay and now I just need the time to make it.
    Better run, I'm burning sunshine.