Sunday, July 10, 2011

Canning and sewing and butchering Oh My!!!!

Phew I'm tired. I've been busy this week with my little projects and of course the bigger projects(children).
I made a, what I call, table runner. It's just a center peice for the table but I made it with my very own hands and I even hand quilted a section. I'm thinking of quilting the entire piece but I don't see me doing it any time soon! lol...

The clothes have been hung on the line saving the electric bill. Which I have to say has been obscene this year.I love the smell of fresh air on the sheets when I go to bed.
I mopped the floors but you can't tell because I have four kids who tramped all over them...sigh... thank goodness for the FlyLady!
My son cleaned out the kitchen closet and I am going to have to do something about this cat we have because she has been peeing all over the place. Apparently the kitchen closet has become a favorite spot. As soon as I can get her spayed she is going to become a barn cat!
I am so proud of myself because on Friday, without help from my big strong Hubby, I hauled out the chicken crates and had the boys help me load the chickens in the crates, put a tarp on the truck bed(Hubby has a rug liner) and load the crates on the truck, actually we put the crates on the truck and then put the chickens in them! Robert and I drove out to the butcher and unloaded the crates.
Since we were out there, I stopped off at the produce stand and got close to a half bushel of beets. And Robert got a whoopie pie, yuck!
Hubby did go out to the butcher that after noon to pick up the birds he brought them home and put them in the kitchen, Beth and I bagged weighed and put them away.
So my freezer is full of chicken. We were quoted a price for the steer. $130 to kill and process the beef and additional $30 if we want them to packages it with their commercial vacuum sealer which I think is a really good idea. No fuss or mess at my house.
Yesterday I cooked and peeled the beets and jarred them up with a pickeling brine then last night I canned them. Now they are all tucked away for later. I like to do several small batches of canned goods then to spend hours and hours canning. With the one exception being that I enjoy when I have help doing hours of canning. Hubby's adopted grandmother will come over and help and what would take me 8-10 hours takes me half the time. I love the fact that I can handle the canners, wipe the jars, put on the lids and while one or two batches are canning I can also work on filling more jars.
Today I am going to hang out more laundry and do something fun with the kiddos. Tonight I am going to work on embroidering tea towels.

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  1. You are a busy girl, good for you. I like your table runner, nice job. It brought back fond memories of growing up saying that exact prayer with my siblings before meals.