Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Time Blues...

I am unraveling.... I need to have a bit of a pity party for myself. I know it's a complete waste of time and I should be thankful...Blah blah blah... It's a really bad attitude! I am super tired because I can't seem to sleep well without my Hubby next to me. Our schedules are all messed up because his schedule is not consistant. My garden...has 6 tomato plants! nothing else just the tomatos. I am in so much trouble. Someone dropped off a beautiful Rhode Island Red rooster. I guess people think we have chickens we must need a rooster. I don't appreciate the gift, my neighbors don't appreciate the gift. We don't have a rooster because my neighbors don't appreciate the sweet cockadoodle at 5am. Hmmmm.... I'd like to make soup with him but I don't have the heart to kill him and Hubby hasn't had the time to deal with it either.
Then my car broke and I am carless because you need extra money and time to get the car fixed! It's summer time, the kids are eating me out of house and home, everytime I turn around something else is gone and now I can't go to the store.
My cat for some reason has decided to use the entire house as a litter box My son's bed, the kitchen closet... What on Earth????
I think the cat has to go with the rooster...
The good things in life are, Hubby has a job with a good income and benefits. Everyone is healthy. I have laying hens so we at least have eggs and the goats give me milk everyday. Hubby released the rabbits in the field and they are multiplying faster and better than they did in the cage. Small game hunting will be good.
By being at home I am getting some projects done. If I had batteries for the camera I'd take pics and post them. Hmmm...batteries ... I can't find any and they have disappeared from remotes, clocks, razors, trimmers, toys and games. All to power Daughters MP3 player which she insists she has had the same batteries for months and has no idea what we are talking about...
I planted my herbs on the front porch in baskets and when the wind blows I get a whiff of mint or lemon or basil.
My girlfriend brought me rhubarb roots so I can plant it in my yard. It's sitting in buckets next to the chives and rose bushes I need to plant. The best intentions don't mean anything without actions. I need to get my action to meet my intension before it's too late.
I think that might apply to other areas in my life too. I think I could pass that on to Mama for sermon material!
Thanks for listening... Now I can get busy doing what I can do.


  1. just start with something small and do it! just pick on small task it can literally be just the dishes or just saying "i'm gonna plant these things..." then do it don't worry about everything else you have tod o. just one thing at a time. and for some reason blogger hasn't been letting me comment correctly on peoples blogs so sorry this is half anonymous

  2. I had the same problem with blogger too! I am going to take your advice. I'm getting off the computer right now and I'm going to go plant the rose bushes--that's just digging a hole and putting it in. I can probly plant the chives and rhubarb too since they are perennials and if I plnat them together someone won't mow them down.

  3. I feel your pain girl, we all have pity parties from time to time, it's being real. What I like is you bounced back with things you're grateful for.

    God doesn't give us what we can't handle, although there are the times we feel at the end of our rope.

    Couldn't go outside much today for our neck of the woods is toooooo HOT. I'm visiting from "A Beginning Homestead" and I like your blog.