Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Here and there

Well, I didn't get everything done I had planned but I did get other things done. That's the problem when one is easily distracted...
I started out well. Dropped everyone off at work and school, came home and loaded the dishwasher and cleaned the back sink. Then I started to flounder. Charlie was distracting me and talking and talking and talking so I took him to the library. I was excited that I won the "BIG" prize for the adult reading program. I got a tote filled with a plush blanket, 2 boxes of teas. 2 cubes of sticky notes, a pen, a keychain flashlight, three books and a $25 Borders gift card. I have to use the gift card soon because they are going out of business. Yeah Me! So Charlie and I played at the library until it was time to pick up his sister at the farm. She was mad that I was there so early, she didn't have time to chat with her friends. She told me I was to wait until she called me before I came to get her. Um, I will be there waiting everyday now. I get a bit frustrated when they think I am at their beck and call.
I had promised Charlie I would take him to McDonald's for lunch. I really need to think things through before agreeing to them! McD's was crazy, playland was packed and the moms there scared me. I don't really think McDonalds playland was designed so that moms could drop their kids off then go outside to smoke.
We came home and I made up my bed, I forgot to earlier. I got distracted again looking at the books I won. Then it was time to pick up the boys. When I had dropped them off I noticed Isaiah's shoes weren't fitting properly and when I dropped off Robert he asked me if I had duct tape in my car. For What? To tape up his shoe. So after I picked up the boys we all headed out to the shoe store and everyone got their school shoes. We got home shortly after Hubby did and while they got all the chores done, I whipped up dinner. Pancakes and sausage.
After dinner, Hubby wanted to sit and watch a movie together. So we had a family movie moment. Then it was baths and bed for everyone but me. I packed lunches and cleaned up after dinner. Then I went to bed and read for a bit. That was my day.
I hope today to get the summer kitchen cleaned up and laundry taken care of and dishes done. I have 5000 things to do but if I get those few done, I will be happy.

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  1. I loved reading this post and congrats on winning the prize!