Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Really? I love my life.

I got most of my stuff done yesterday. I even had time to read. But when I went back to do laundry, I thought I smelled something. I figured. I have four kids, they stink. I pushed it off as dirty laundry. Well the laundry was all done and the smell didn't go away. The longer I stood in the laundry room the more I could smell it. It smelled like some thing died in there. Some people might be suprised by this but I've smelled death before. Like when Hubby's deep freezer went bad and everything inside thawed and we didn't know it. At the time he had a deer cape and some fish waiting to go to the taxidermist. Not a pretty scent and it takes ALOT of candles to get the smell out! And there was the time the cat killed a mouse and was using it's head as a soccer ball and tossed it under the shelving, again not a nice smell. So today will be spent pulling out the washer and dryer, unloading the shelves and pulling the shelving unit out looking for the dead thing I'm sure is in there somewhere.


  1. Oh how I do empathize with you! Hope that you find that scent quickly!! Have you tried cleaning with vinegar? The smell of vinegar goes away quickly, it is cheap and a natural disinfectant too!
    That freezer disaster must have been awful! Guess that freezer was not repaired!

  2. Melanie- I think the smell is coming from UNDER the laundry room. I do use vinegar for many things including fabric softener.
    The deep freeze was duct taped shut and taken to the dump. Hubby had to untape it and open it before they would take it just in case he had a body in there. They closed it back up quickly