Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quilt blocks

I worked on another block yesterday. It's amazing what you can get accomplished in one day when you want to reward yourself with "me" time! This is Turkey Tracks or Wandering Feet... I made this yesterday. I don't have alot of the measuring tools you're supposed to have so I had to use what was available. Not too bad I think. I just didn't get one square right which throws off the look. But I guess making a quilt is a learning experience and a journey of sorts so I don't mind the irregularity too much.
These the are the other blocks I have made. This sampler is from Ellen Burns...Egg Money quilts. I tried to take a class once and actually did do it for 6 weeks, but life got in the way. I've decided I'm going to finish this and just got down to reading the instructions and cutting and sewing. I only had to rip out stitches a few times.
There are four other block patterns to do, only they really do need the measuring tools I don't have. I also need some hands on instruction for them too. They are a bit more complicated. But until then, I can start cutting my lattice peices and corner squares. I think I enjoy sewing, even poorly, as much as I enjoy cooking and baking.


  1. How awesome is that! Those are very attractive quilts Farmgirl. I always thought I wanted to learn but never did and now I feel like I don't have the time now.