Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Making salve for a friend

I got a facebook message from a friend asking for help with their dog. She had been using my healing salve on the dog's "hot spots" and could I make some more. So I did a little research and came up with an anti itch salve. I used 1/2c lavender infused olive oil, 1/2c calendula infused olive oil and a teaspoon of tea tree oil. I figured the lavender oil would help stop the itching, the calendula oil would help sooth the skin and the tea tree oil would kill what ever fungus was causing the itch. I melted in beeswax and now have the jars resting.

It was one of those interesting timing deals. I have been on a quest for beeswax that I did not have to buy online. A woman I sold goats to gave me the name of a local beekeeper who sold raw honey and beeswax. Farr Better Honey. ( I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to create a link to his website but am too computer illiterate to figure it out! So, you can find him at He is local so I called him up and met him at his warehouse, thus not having to pay shipping! I could not believe the deal on wax, I bought a 1 pound bar for $6.

I bought 2 for now. His raw Honey sells for about $5 a pound, that's a bit high for me but I really made out on the wax so I bought 3 pounds of raw honey.

While there, I had my youngest with me who asked a million questions and wanted to SEE everything. Mr. Farr showed us how he puts the frames through a machine to uncap the cells and then they are placed in the extruder which spins the honey out of the frame and into a tank. The honey is then sucked through a pipe and into a dispensing tank. From that tank the honey is poured into the containers. His honey is never heated. It was a great experience learning about the process and he told me he would be at the local festival raffling off a bee hive! I do believe it's worth a try!
I'm really happy I found a beekeeper for my honey and wax needs. He even offered to meet me half way when I needed more! Talk about great service. His wife gave me a FREE sample of their Springtime honey to try. She said to let her know how it tasted. She doesn't eat honey because after working with it all day she can't think of eating it. I am going to eat it, put it in my salves, make scrubs and face masks with it!

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  1. This is so cool. I'm finally starting to grow my own herbs enough that I can harvest them, and I plan to start making infusions and salves with them as soon as I learn how.