Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three Little Piggies...

We did it. The Pigpen was built...or added on. My Hubby fixed this up with wood from his "stash", a skid we picked up( we actually have a stock pile of these too, never know what you can use them for) and hinges left behind by the previous home owner. I have to say for a hoarder, she had some good stuff we could use!

Today after church we met up with our pig guy and picked up our three piglets. I LOVE them! They grunt and squeal and dig in the dirt! Right now they are checking out their new home. We thought about doing pastured pigs, but we don't have the set up or the finances to get proper fencing for that project. We might get there one day, but for now we have to work with what we do have. I am still in charge of what gets put into them, no growth hormones, no antibiotics. Just good feed, goats milk and some eggs thrown in and lots of water. We are hoping to keep two for the freezer and sell one.

I would really like to know why the piggies were building houses and the big bad wolf was blowing them down, we have already had to do some damage control as the little piggies showed us the weak spots in our pen arrangement. I guess that is the learning curve.

It's a beautiful day and I am enjoying the sounds of the farm, from the chickens, goats, dogs and pigs!
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  1. Any day that you can enjoy the farm sounds is a good day in my book!!!

  2. We LOVE raising pigs! It's a simple way to get a quick turnaround & a freezer full of delicious meat :) Plus they are so quirky & such fun. What breed are those little guys?

  3. Quinn, I have no idea what breed they are! The sows were pink and black banded. The breeder said, "they're eating pigs" That worked for me! I'm excited because I was talking to the butcher about what I wanted at butchering time. We had gotten a pig before from a different butcher, the steaks and chops were cut uneven, the hams not cured all the way through and whatever they cured them with had MSG in it, and I am allergic to it. It was a big waste of money. Now having that lesson under me I know how I want it cut, what natural cure for the hams and bacon. So I'm hoping for a good turn out this time!