Sunday, March 20, 2011

milking my goat with the Henry Milker

This is the Henry Milker. It's a bit oer priced. $130.00 for a syringe(teat cup) some plastic tubing , a canning jar and lid with some washers and a dohicky pkoning through the lid and a mini vac. I did price the mini vac and it is about $35. So I guess I have about $50 dollars of product and the rest is shipping and the idea.
The milker works great though since I don't have to strain the milk. It pumps the milk directly into the jar, keeping it clean. Of course it also makes storing the milk nice too because I have tons of canning jars.


  1. My Dad grew up on a farm and even had his own farm when my parents were first married.

    When I was a kid they would buy raw milk from a farmer. They would take the cream off the top and make butter, yogurt and even once tried making cottage cheese. I was completely grossed out by the cottage cheese experiment that I couldn't try it. It didn't seem right to leave it sit out like that unrefrigerated. Ewww.
    Now they just buy eggs from a nearby farm. They don't use much milk anymore with no kids at home.

  2. I am excited to try new things and I did see that somethings do have to sit out overnight. I am also leary of that but will probably try it any way. I'd like to try making yogurt because we eat alot of that. Butter is too hard to do with goats milk but I've made it from Raw cows milk before. I like to let the kids get involved with that.

  3. PS Would you share your recipe for home made linen spray?

  4. I just mix water and a few drops of essential oils(lately, English lavender) in a spray bottle. I spray it over my sheets and sometimes on my curtains.
    I also mix essential oils in my window cleaner(vinegar water) it takes away the vinegar smell and when the sun warms the windows I get a fresh scent.
    I hope that helps. Carrie on Farming on Faith has a ton of recipes for homemade cleaning products. Also in the magazine section.

  5. From your description of the Henry Milker it certainly sounds like you got your moneys worth! Thanks for posting.
    Mike Henry
    The Inventor of the Henry Milker.