Friday, March 25, 2011

I want to dress up my porch Farm Girl Style

Ask me to milk a goat, shovel manure, plant a garden, I'm your girl. Decorate my porches...I'm lost. I don't now how to pull things together and make arrangements. I'm not even sure what my "style" is. I like practical, functional and easy maintenance.
So It's the end of march, I finally got the rest of the Christmas decorations off the porch... I know, should have done that awhile ago.

This is my front porch. It faces the road and gets alot of dust and wind. I really have to weight down anything I put out or it ends up in the neighbors yard or in the trees. It also gets little sun as you can see there is still snow on the steps. I tried having flower pot out there and they just didn't do well. I can hang flowers on the edge of the porch and they seem to do all right but anything up against the wall dies.

If you have any suggestions leave them here I would really appreciate it!


  1. I struggle with my front porch too. It's not very big and usually covered in garbage bags cause I refuse to carry them to the can :) That's his job.
    I'd look at the thrift stores for wooden chair and paint it. Maybe even a wooden crate on it's side with something inside like a vintage pot to weigh it down. Even a grouping of cut wood would be cute, that you wouldn't have to worry about getting dirty. My husband loves wind chimes, but I can't stand them. They're so annoying! You could always try to google front porch decor for some fresh ideas. Happy decorating!

  2. Love your red door. I agree with Becky, maybe some chairs and a table or a bench and chairs. Some kind of floral(artificial) in a tin watering can weighted down with rocks could add color. What about some kind of shrubs and flowers in front of the porch, would they get enough sun to grow and add color to that spot? Have fun with your space and make it personal to your family's likes. I try to remember when decorating our home to make it ours. It's so easy to get into the thought it's got to be like so and so's down the road. But make it your own and you will like it a lot better. Just some thoughts, have fun and God Bless.

  3. A porch swing? A bench? I had some decorative things on my old porch that were weighted down with rocks inside bc it was so windy. LOVE the woodwork and red door!