Thursday, March 17, 2011

Researching Cheese making

Well,I'm over run with milk. Over a gallon a day and the kids(my children) aren't drinking it up fast enough and Hubby says there is only so much pudding a body can eat!
What can I do with it all?
I'm gatherig the supplies to make cheese. I was at the Amish store today and they had Rennet. Ah HA I need that for cheese I thought and picked up a box of tablets. Then I came home and looked up a few recipes. Sooo, I need a few more items to make my cheese making successful. Like a good stainless pot, a thermometer, buttermilk... I guess it will be a few days before I can make cheese.
But for now I'm going to make a nice pot of potato soup, try a recipe for homemade chocolate syrup(the kiddos will suck in the milk with that) and maybe some ice cream.
I had better get busy!


  1. Hello Domestic Goddess - great photos. I would love a goat but I live on an 800m2 block in he suburbs..Gavin (blog: 'the greening of gavin') has a great video on home hard cheese making.
    By the way what does 'T' & 'C' stand for in your recipes?

  2. Hi Veronika, Thanks for the comments. T is Tablespoon and C. is Cups. In the metric system 1Tablespoon=15ml and 1Cup=250ml. I hope that answered your question.