Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mad Cow!!!!

MooMoo, my Jersey Steer, pulled his stake from the field. With all the water we had it was a wonder he didn't do it sooner. But of course it had to happen when Hubby was not home. So he's attatched to Hubby's trailer and going a bit mad because he saw me come in the house and he wants me back out. He's out there mooing like crazy! He's got water I gave him a pat of hay, plenty of grass to eat, but no... he's flipping out.
The neighbors dog who runs loose is now barking. If she comes close to the steer I'm not sure what will happen. MooMoo has horns and he's not afraid to use them. There just is not a dull moment at my house!

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  1. You commented on my blog about Link Halloween costumes. I couldn't find an email for you anywhere so I'm commenting back this way. Thanks so much! You had some great ideas! I really appreciate it!