Thursday, September 1, 2011

Updated pics of my critters

Our new set of broilers they are so cute and fluffy at first.

This is Moo-Moo the Jersey Steer. He will be leaving the farm at the end of October.

This is Soupy our surprise goat kid. It's from being under educated in goat handleing. But she's a gorgeous goat with beautiful form and a baby doll personality. Even my Hubby enjoys her and he doesn't make friends with the critters.

I'm on the hunt for hay. My usual supplier told me he couldn't sell me anymore because he still had 35 steer he had to winter this year. So, I'm down sizing my herd and my laying hens so that I will not have too much of a heavy feed bill. Craigslist has been working well for us. I posted a few of Hubby's tools and sold some and I listed my dairy goat kids and laying hens. I sold 7 hens the day after I posted it! I had a few questions about the goats but no buyers yet.

Today I need to go get layer mash and run some errands for my Hubby. When the kiddos get home I'm going to have them help me trim hooves. Molly's hooves are begining to look like elf shoes!
Hopefully I can get pics of that to post.


  1. Yes, those broilers are very cute, at first! Then comes that awful and funny, awkward stage. Soupy looks like she has an excellent personality, I did not realize that I could get so attached to a goat either!

  2. OMGoodness! Did NOT know you had a blog!!! YAY!! (This Jenn- the old cake decorator at Weis, heehee!!) Eric and I are making plans to start a small hobby farm in another year or so so will be checking in here FREQUENTLY, lol! xoxoto the kiddos :)