Saturday, November 12, 2011

pinwheel baby quilt project

I set aside my sampler quilt to make a baby quilt. I didn't use the traditional pinks mostly because I didn't like any of the pinks I had and I really love these reds. I hope the mama likes this. I've never made a baby quilt or any quilt for that matter. I'm not sure if I should make a border or not. I have enough of the dark red fabric to do a border but not the light.
Notice the red ironing board cover? I made that too. I even have a draw string through it to keep it tight around the board.(Very proud of that)
This went together rather quickly. I used the sandwich method to make the half square triangle blocks. My Hubby laughed last night because I was a bit frustrated that I could whip out a baby blanket but it seems like my sampler is just taking way too long. I can see me making alot of baby blankets because it's instant gratification! So this week I have to go to the Quilt shop and get batting and a backing fabric. I'm thinking a flannel? I want it to be soft. And I'm going to attempt to hand quilt it because I have plenty of time and it isn't that big. I just need to find out how to hand quilt! lol .... So if anyone has any ideas about a border or hand quilting please let me know!


  1. Very nice! I vote for a red border. :-) I have never quilted anything, so no advice there. Just don't tack/tie "quilt" it. IMO that ruins a perfectly beautiful quilt! :-P

  2. NICE job, your quilt looks lovely. I've never quilted either, have always thought I'd like to but don't think I have all the tools. Not sure what that would be.. :)

  3. Sassy, I have a roto cutter, a cutting pad,pins and a 6x12 measuring thingy (technical term I'm sure) a sewing machine, plain thread, and a stitch ripper( i use it all too often).
    I used material I had( I collect all things crafty)
    This was a matter of cutting 4 1/2inch strips of 2 fabrics and from that 4 1/2 in squares. I "sandwiched" a light square and dark square( right sides together) drew a line from corner to corner then stitched a 1/4 in from the line on either side of the line, then cut the line making two half triangle squares. I found that there are a bunch of patterns you can make from this one method!

  4. Any tips for someone who's never quilted, but wants to make a "Grandma's Flower Garden" quilt of her grandma's old shirts, which she wore in her flower garden?