Monday, November 14, 2011

Staying in on a cold wet day

It's chilly this morning so I built the fire again.
I started my morning doing some cleaning and cooking. I put a chicken on the stove to make some stock. Love the smell of chicken cooking. Maybe it's the herbs I put in with it. It just makes me feel comfy! I ironed the quilt top again. I have to say I'm really excited about it. I added the red border and it really sets it off. I am inspired to make more. I even spent the evening cutting strips of fabric to make a dresdane plate quilt.
I took a few of the pumpkins, dropped off for the goats, and baked them off. I just couldn't see feeding the goats perfectly good pie pumpkins. They will get all the others!
As I was writing out the menu plan for the next two weeks, and the grocery list, I thought I'd make some snacks. I have all this pumpkin now so I made pumpkin bread.
Then I made another pumpkin bar cake that is still in the oven. I have to make the caramel frosting for that when it cools. So the house is warm and toasty. It smells of chicken and pumpkin/cinnamon, and the children will have homemade snacks for after school. Tonight's dinner is not chicken but pasta, because we have to go to a Pack meeting for my little Tiger Scout. Tomorrow we will be eating Chicken BBQ with Ranch potato wedges. I got that recipe from Heavenly Homemakers---love her blog! Now it's off to toss the laundry, and prepare for the whirlwind of children coming home from school!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! So is your wood stove. What kind is it? I've been looking at the Vermont Bun Baker...

  2. Love that quilt! I can imagine how wonderful your house must be smelling!

  3. Michelle, It's a coal stove and I don't remember what brand...I want to say Harmon because that's what we have in the summer kitchen. This one in the sitting room heats the entire main house and the boys in the back rooms complain that it's too hot. My daughter's room is right above the stove and she has a fan running in her room. We have a 100+yr old farm house with 9ft. ceilings. We use approximately 8 ton of coal a year about $1600. When we used oil five years ago, we spent $3500 and that was BEFORE oil was so expensive. And the kiddos were cold. can't have chilly children!

  4. Your quilt is just beautiful. I love to fill the house with wonderful aromas when it's cold outside and baby it was a whoppin' 24 here this mornin'!!!

    Girl, ya got my tummy rumblin'!!! Caramel icin' on punkin' bars...MMMMMMMmmm. Now what time did ya say supper was????

    I'll grab some hot cider, a fork and be right over.....

    God bless and have a delightful weekend sweetie!!! :o)