Monday, April 9, 2012

Goat Mama

I'm a goat mama for sure. The triplets are really keeping me hopping and Molly their real Mama has been keeping me just as busy. Thankfully Molly has been giving me about a gallon of milk a day. That's fabulous because I need three quarts a day to feed her kids...I was just going to use milk replacer but it is so expensive! And If she's pumping out I'm going to use it. I have more than enough for my soap now stored in the freezer. Now that my kids are going back to school I'll have some left for yogurt making...I hope to try making that next week.

I had to do some "culling" so to speak. I sold Saturn and her new kid last week to a goat farm in NY. They sent pictures of her relaxing in her new home and the little doeling frolicking with the other baby goats, She fits right in. I still have Soupy who needs a home. She is too small to breed with a beor and really ends up being more of a pet. I can't afford to feed something that does not have a purpose here. I had her posted for sale and someone was planning on coming to get her and then never showed up. I have her with the triplets, the other does are really pushy with her. I hope I can find her a home soon before my Hubby decides to take her to auction.

My Hubby was creative with what we had laying around and built this nifty crate to haul goats. The front end has hinges on top. We put the crate in the back of MY truck lift the front end and load the goats in. Lower the front end and close the tailgate and there you go, hopefully escape proof!

Yeah Charlie was trying it out!

Other than the goat drama going on things have been the normal spring busy. Hubby has been working out of town every week which isn't much fun but until he can find something else this is what we will deal with. It is what it is and I am so thankful for his job and the sacrifices he makes for us.

Tomorrow I am making another batch of soap. I sold almost all of my last batch. Hubby made me molds that I am going to try out. Hopefully I'll have pictures to post if they don't leak!. But with these molds I can work out two batches a week. Keeping it simple. No fancy scents...just using essential oils. This batch will be eucalyptus and my next will be unscented. So I have time to order more essential oils!
I also need to make more salve. I actually have people asking for it. It's really exciting. My own daughter, who I constantly argue and fight with, told me she liked the salve, it made her zit go away over night. Maybe I can get her to help make the next batch?

Well, Off to measure out my oils for the morning.


  1. I had to come over and tell you personally thank you for your continued prayers for my daughter Kris. It is amazing so many people who could pass her on the street without a second glance in her direction take time from their day to pray for her. It means the world to us. I have not felt much like blogging, so have not really read many blogs lately. Really do need to get caught up:) Good luck with finding a home for your little goat. I don't know if you have ever looked, but I do have another blog. Would love to have you come visit there too.

  2. Wish you were close by, I would take her! As it turns out, my orphans are my Clover's nephews! So we need a different goat man for Clover, and a different goat girl for the boy that I kept.

  3. Isn't being a goat momma a blast? I just love it! I'm glad to see you're in milk and making that lovely soap. I still have one little sliver of the soap you gave me that I am rationing. :-)