Wednesday, April 18, 2012

People are like Easter Eggs? I'm rambling again!

People are like Easter eggs. We all start out relatively the same. Maybe a little bigger, smaller, rounder, maybe brown, white pink or green. But then we get dunked into life...or dye and that experience is what makes us different, still the same inside but different.
Pretty soon you look around and everybody has had one experience or another coloring their lives, their personalities. But yet we all fit in the egg carton

But if you notice on some Easter eggs, some are broken or cracked, allowing the dye to get inside and scar the inside. Sometimes it makes the egg even prettier and some times it makes it undesirable to eat.

Life is like that for people too. Sometimes we are broken and cracked and allow the experiences to affect us on the inside. Some people use it to grow stronger and more beautiful, while others allow it to eat at them and make themselves ugly and unapproachable.

And then there are the eggs that you have to peel bit by bit to get to the inside and end up shredding half the egg in the process...
people are like that too...holding themselves together tightly not allowing anyone or anything to get inside.

But no matter what, once the shells are off, and broken, shredded, dyed doesn't matter when we make egg salad.
And when people lose their shells, broken, shredded, scarred doesn't matter as Jesus leads us to Heaven.

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