Thursday, January 12, 2012


So much for a committed daily post! My Hubby was home for three days, so I had no time to sit in front of the computer. Todays Daily goal was to make a plan for getting the clutter out of our lives. I have lots of clutter. Both the kind you can see (stuff) and the kind you can't (debt, emotions, obligations)

I had already started to declutter before I saw the topic on the frugal challenge. I was on the phone with my SIL and noticed my book shelf. I have a host of devotional and Christian books, the sad thing was, there were romance and vampire books right beside them, mixed in among them. And at that moment I felt compelled to pull all those "trash" books out. A verse came to me about not being able to serve two masters at the same time, then the verse about only allowing pure and good things into my life and the verse about a mouth can not say both blessings and curses... Let's just say I removed the books quickly. I still have two more bookcases to go through.
I also started cleaning out my cupboards--- it's really not good to have your glass pans falling out right?!
So slowly but surely, I'm getting the stuff out.

That's the material stuff...

I also have to work on the "unseen" clutter. Debt, is a big clutter. It's an awful feeling that you can lose everything you worked so hard for if the paycheck is too small. So I am trying to do what I can to help. Not buying more, selling what I can and creating items to sell. I think working on the debt will help get rid of the emotional clutter.

Well I have a plan and I just need to stay focused enough to see it through. I really do like to de clutter, but I have to think about doing it, it doesn't just come naturally...

Now for fun.. Here's a picture of the note I found on my night table last night ...

If he brings something back home, he's got to get rid of something else!


  1. That note is a keeper!! If only they could stay that innocent longer than they do! Thanks for sharing that note, reminds me of my own daughter.

    Have been trying to declutter here too! What a job.

  2. Excellent post. I know (or at least think I do...) where you are right now. I went through the decluttering seven years ago. I called it emotional homework. It was about a two year process, and it was SO worth it. Just don't ever think you've "arrived." It's a constant process; we must stay on top of or things will go right back to the way they were before. Keep up the good work!