Friday, January 13, 2012

Impulse buying

Today's Daily Goal with frugally sustainable challenge is to plan how not to impulse buy.

I am pretty good about staying out of the stores but I JUST, as in two minutes ago, realized that I have made 3 purchases from in a week. I ordered a book for my son yesterday and I got the book in the mail today- it hasn't even come out of the account yet! See I justified ordering from Amazon because I discovered that I didn't have to use a credit card and could basically use my debit card. 13 dollars here and 14 dollars there... this week I spent over $40!
That can't happen anymore!

Now grocery shopping is where I impulse buy. I have to be ready with my menu plan and grocery list in hand and all by myself. I spend more when my Hubby is along, if I go with my girlfriends or my kiddos. Today I did veer off the list because I got a good deal on a product I use all the time. It is being discontinued and the price was knocked down from 16.99 to 9.99 for 101oz can of olive oil. I'm actually excited about the find! I did some bad impulse shopping too. I bought fried chicken at the deli and a soda... I could probably lose some body clutter as well if I would stop that kind of impulse shopping/eating!

Well, it is really chilly here today. I am going to pop a chicken in a pot and make some broth for next weeks soup. I'm going to get rid of some books and go through the boys clothes and pack a few bags for good will. I even have a lift chair I need to find a new home. Wish I knew someone who needed it--

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