Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Baking Christmas cookies

Our Christmas tree

The aftermath of opening gifts because I didn't remember to take pics while they were opening gifts.

We drove to my Mama's house and spent Christmas Day with my Mama and her husband.

Now onto 2012.

I have a few goals this year.
1. Become more frugal, save money where I can and make extra when I can.

2. Get rid of Debt notice the capital D, because Debt has become a real entity in our life. We were always very careful to stay away from frivolous debt (credit card) we had the mortgage and the vehicle payment. When the economy fell out from under us, jobs canceled, work became scarce and people got weird(trying to get a $2000 job for $200) We started using our credit card for groceries and even utility payments. That's over now. Hubby has a good job and my goal is to have the credit card paid off in one year. As well as working on paying back my Mama who helped us out last year.

3. Take care of myself--- I'm not going on a crazy diet or becoming a workout queen. I'm going to go to the Dr. Get my check ups, take care of my teeth, and make a very conscience effort to feeding my family a well balanced diet and move more.

My Family

These are the crochet dishcloths. I gave them as gifts this year and now I'll be selling them for $2ea. They really do clean better then my other dishcloths!

This is my healing salve I made using lavender infused olive oil, beeswax and essential oils. I gave this as gifts this year and am waiting to get feedback before I try selling any.

Of course I will be making more soap. My family is using the batch I made last spring. Now I'm going to experiment with essential oils and added ingredients. Although I do want to make a batch of straight lye soap to use in my laundry detergent instead of buying the fels naptha soap.

I'm also going to participate in the 23 day frugal challenge. Look for the button on tomorrows post. Yes, I'm setting a daily schedule to post! Happy New year to everyone and please join me in learning new ways to be frugal- that is a farm girl skill!

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  1. Yes, those crocheted dishcloths do clean better than anything else that I have used. People have to use them to understand how wonderful they are, but once they use these cloths, they are "hooked" on them!!