Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going to the Dr is being frugal?!

I thought about it over and over. I hate going to the Dr. I'm a big procrastinator and cheap.
I think there is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. When I think of frugal, I think of being discerning. Being frugal is thinking about what your spending your money on and making good choices. Cheap is going without because you don't want to make an effort to make good choices.

Getting regular check ups is a way to be frugal. Taking care of yourself, eating right, getting exercise all saves money. Because if you let yourself go, you end up sick and unhealthy and having to go through a pile of medical expenses.

So, I'm going to the doctor today. I'm hoping that I'm not too late and that my issue is not life threatening. Not only am I a procrastinator and cheap, I have the "ignore it and it will go away" attitude. Doctors don't appreciate that.

If we will get regular check ups, if there is a problem, and it can be caught early and dealt with, then life can continue with just a blip of interruption. When we skip regular check ups and only go to the doctor when the issue is already interrupting our lives, that leads to many visits, more expenses and an upheaval in not just our own lives but of our family's lives.

So pray for me today as I go to the doctor this morning to have a lump on my back examined.

Update----- Dr. visit went well. It is a cyst and nothing to worry about. Thank you God!

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