Friday, January 6, 2012

Those interruptions!!!

I was committed to writing on my blog every morning but of course there has to be something to cause a distraction...

This is the accident that happened in front of my house this morning at 6:20am!
Fortunately there was just minor injuries. But it does put the pressure on for me to get EMT training. Generally I am the first responder because they land in MY yard. It takes the authorities 30 minutes to get here.

There have been four accidents in front of my house and the neighbors in the last month, the last three in a week!

I need to get flares to slow traffic down. A good flashlight because it is BLACK outside. And A good First Aid kit to stop the bleeding. The kiddos were really good about getting ready for school despite the commotion. The boys brought out blankets for the woman who was hit in the small pick up. Trying to keep her calm and sitting was difficult, her adrenaline was just pumping.
The Bigger truck with the flat bed trailer had been flying. I knew he wasn't making the turn before the accident happened. I could hear how fast he was coming and was already grabbing the phone to call for help when he hit the little pickup that I never heard coming, from the other direction.

The big truck driver tried to tell the woman he slid on ice. She and I disagreed with him together. I said I heard you coming, she said you flew around the corner in the other lane, then skid when you hit the brakes.

It's amazing. That incident took up most of my morning.First when it happened, playing EMT, then I had to walk the neighborhood kids to the corner of the next road to catch a bus,then wait for the police to get all the info they needed, then the firemen swept up the accident scene( awesome firemen/women) then the tow trucks pulled yanked and hauled away both trucks. Shwoow!

By the time everything was done and traffic was flowing again it was 9:30.
So that is my post today!

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  1. Oh my! that is quite the morning. Sure am glad the drivers were all ok.