Friday, January 20, 2012

Natural cleaning

I scrubbed my toilet today! I know... really...why would I post about my toilet. Well, my housekeeping skills are, shall we say...a bit under developed. But I have been cleaning out and cleaning up. I got my handy dandy steaming machine out and said I'm cleaning the bathroom. I added a few drops of tea tree oil to the water. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, anti fungal, does it all! Anyway I steam cleaned the entire bathroom including the toilet. But inside the toilet was nasty. We don't use our upstairs bathroom very often, you would think it would stay cleaner. But alas it's ignored. So the ring around the toilet bowl didn't come out with a swish or with a sprinkling of borax or scrubbing with baking soda. So I thought back to those British cleaning ladies and remembered "the pumice stone". I slipped my rubber gloves back on and dove in. That stone knocked off the build up in a matter of moments! I have a sparkly white toilet bowl now and the freshest smelling bathroom without using nasty, harsh chemicals.

I also use baking soda and a half lemon to scrub the tub. The baking soda does the scrubbing, the reaction with the lemon juice helps with lifting out the dirt and cutting soap scum, and the lemon peel releases the natural oils from the peel that soaks into the porcelain leaving the tub lemony fresh.
Vinegar water with a drop or two of essential oils cleaned the floor and baseboards.

So far, I have cleaned the upstairs hallway and all the door frames and doors, my bedroom, my youngest's bedroom and the bathroom. My daughter did a great job cleaning her room and the boys...well, we'll be working on their rooms. My next project for this weekend is getting my sewing room organized. It looks like a room from the Hoarders Series. I'll post a before and after pic of that room!

I've posted a few items on Craigslist to sell to help pay off some bills. If I can go through more of our junk I might be able to sell some more.

I've been listening to Joyce Meyers on CD and the topic that really hit home was about being faithful with what you are already blessed with. She asks...are you faithful with paying your bills, are you faithful with caring for your car, are you faithful with the dirty laundry... Oh my. I keep telling my hubby that he needs a positive attitude and that if we complain about what we do have why would He give us more...Let me pull the log out of my eye so I can see that I am not so faithful with the blessings God has given me...taking care of what I do have shows God I am faithful, sharing the extra that I have shows God I am faithful, taking responsibility for my actions shows God I am faithful.

Natural cleaning is having such a new meaning to me.

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  1. Great post! I hope you d share your progress.